PSE’s Tac15 Crossbow

Precision Shooting Equipment's TAC 15 Crossbow is precision-built for performance,…

Precision Shooting Equipment‘s TAC 15 Crossbow is precision-built for performance, features ground breaking engineering and was created from a revolutionary concept.  Forget everything you thought you knew about crossbows; The TAC 15™ sets new standards for accuracy, performance and shootability.

A marvel of innovation and engineering, the new TAC 15™ is designed to fit on any AR-15 lower receiver.  It’s packed with innovative features that will have to be experienced to be believed. It all starts by incorporating the incredibly strong X Tech™ limbs into an extremely compact platform. The ultra-high performance twin-cam design shoots an amazing 412 fps and is capable of unprecedented accuracy. Plus, the TAC 15™ converts any AR-15 quickly and easily from a gun to a crossbow. Currently available for preorder. MSRP $1299.99

The TAC 15™ is shown with the AR-15 lower receiver and scope which are not included and must be purchased separately.

– Anti Dry Fire Mechanism
– Fore-Grip
– Leverage Crank
– Rail-less Design
– TAC 15 Assembly

Axle-to-Axle: 16 3/4″ at brace, 11 3/4″ at full draw
IBO Speed: 412 – 402
Kinetic Energy: 160 – 152 ft-lbs (425 grain bolt)
Mass Weight: 8.3
Peak Weight: 170 lbs
Powerstroke: 17 1/4 in.

picture-4.jpgAnti Dry Fire Mechanism


picture-7.jpgRail-less Design

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  • Julien

    Where I can buy crossbow PSE TAC15 in the europe countrys?

  • vcuong

    i think it have amazing , but one thing i don’t like it .It’s detachable spring-loader ,that too complicate to use and slowly.The best solution for this use spring-loader drum like Russian 12.7 KORD HMG