PWS AR-15 Uppers

A unique design in the ever widening market of piston…

A unique design in the ever widening market of piston driven AR15 uppers, PWS has designed a simple, yet very robust series of uppers.  Starting with the aptly named 7-inch “Diablo”, available in both 5.56 and 7.62×39, PWS manufactures a line of piston driven uppers that appear to be the perfect blend of AK reliability with AR ergonomics.

This distinctive design results in a very smooth recoil impulse coupled with unyielding reliability.  The carrier, operating rod and gas piston are effectively one component which leaves no need for additional springs, small pins, or adjustments of any kind.

Built with only the highest quality components and exacting tolerances, an excellent platform for duty or competition use has been born.  Visit for more information.


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  • Former Special forces operator, Ft. Bragg, interested in PSD weapon for future security Operaations & training. looking for Upper-receiver that fits requirements. Can you give me a statment of requirements & price qoute.