RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit

RCBS, maker of reloading equipment and precision shooting products, has…

RCBS, maker of reloading equipment and precision shooting products, has a new Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit that will be available summer 2009 for an MSRP of $495.95.

The Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit is designed to fit on most 7/8″-14 threaded progressive presses and features an 110VAC operated collator unit that orients the bullets to drop into the feed mechanism. The hopper holds approximately 200 bullets. The kit also contains adapters to load 9mm/.38 Spl/.357 Mag, 10mm/.40 and .45 ACP jacketed/FMJ pistol bullets. Load rate increased at least 50%. NOTE: For use with jacketed or FMJ bullets only.

Product highlights
• Hopper holds approximately 200 bullets
• Bullets are oriented to drop directly into feed mechanism
• Adaptors allow loading of 9mm/.357, 10mm/.40 & .45 caliber pistol bullets
• Adjustable collator height
• RCBS Two year warranty

Load Comments
  • like it, more up dates for 2010?

  • Like It! will it load: .45LC, .44/40,.44sp/.44mag?
    Any up dates for 2010?
    Michael J. Marcus

  • Like what I see. Please send updates for 2010.
    Will it load .44/40,.45LC,.44sp/.44mag?
    Michael J. Marcus

  • I like what I see.
    I need to load: .38/.357, .45ACP, .44sp/.44mag, 45LC & .44/40.

    Need up dates for 2010.
    Michael J. Marcus

  • I am interested in loading NEW only ammo for “Cowboy” shooting.
    I want to load: .38/.357, .45ACP, .44sp/.44mag,.45LC, and .44/40, on the Dillon 650/10500.

    I am getting info on GSI & P/W for the same above. Will you send updated info for 2010?
    Will you be able to COVER ALL the calibers?

    Michael J. Marcus
    6750 Whitsett Ave., #377
    N. Hollywood, CA. 91606