Remington M700 BDL .243WIN AI

No one, me least of all, questions that some form…

No one, me least of all, questions that some form of bolt-action chambered for the .308 is the status quo in tactical precision rifles. The combination is balanced; recoil is tolerable for the sustained shooting sessions needed to zero, calibrate and train, and accuracy is excellent. Yet, as theoretically attractive as the combination might be, the true capabilities of the .308 are somewhat less than many assume and are not as spectacular as some make it to be.

remammo.jpgWhile unquestionably accurate with the right load, it’s no more or less accurate than several dozen other centerfire rifle cartridges with properly developed loads, nor does it produce any more or less recoil. With the heavy (168- to 175-grain BTHP) target bullets almost always selected for the military and police tactical precision missions for which it is typically used, its terminal ballistics on living targets and penetration of intermediary objects (glass, vegetation, automobile bodywork, etc) is marginal.

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  • Bob Lee

    If you know anything and I mean anything about bullets and shooting as an art and still think a 308 / 30 cal is awesome; you need to read this from Bryan Litz and educate yourself. I don’t care how many hours on the range you think you have- put the ego aside and read his articles. If you don’t know who he is, that says a lot right there about your level of knowledge on this subject.

    Read the article “what’s wrong with 30 cal bullets”. You might learn something about physics.

  • squirrel

    i know this is old but i have to say something. joshua and charles both try to say 308 is better than 243. i understand charles opinion because he is military trained as am i. but the military teaches things differently than the civilan and hunting world. they dont teach enegry delivery, they just say that this is the best thing in the world, thats why you shoot it. fact of the matter is that 260 and 243 eat 308 alive due to high bc bullets. they carry more energy on the target much further than 308. and to call 308 a 1000 yard cartridge is crazy. it is suitable to 800 yards. once again energy delivery comes into play. the 308’s bleed off too much energy beyond that. yes you can hit paper with your palma rifle at 1000, but can you make a kill shot. also we forget that the smaller cartridges shoot flatter allowing a shooter to shoot more accurately because a marksmanship error will equal less movement in point of impact. less recoil is another factor. a shooter can train more with a firearm that has less recoil and that training will be more effective since the shooter is less fatigued. i own 2 308’s and love them. i have 4 precision rifles in my teams cage but i would never call them superior to my 260 or 243. look at the ballistic charts, drop, wind drift, and energy delivered. also look at recoil which equals more quality shooting training due to less shooter fatigue.

  • cornholio

    The 243 AI and regular 243 can out preform the 308 because it’s taking a smaller bullet and pushing it at a much faster speed with a much higher B.C. For example: 243 Win 115 DTAC at 3150 fps can put out a B.C. of .585 compared to a 308 the only way it can come close is to push 190 or higher grain bullets. Otherwise the 243 AI will outpreform the 308

  • MAJ Charles Johnson, USA

    Just finished reading this article since magazines are passed along and in Afghanistan they take a long time ro arrive.

    Liked the article but I feel that there are too many apples to oranges comparisons.

    Having shot the M14 in competition for some 18 years, Distinguished 1986, I know first hand what is the capability of the M14, 7,62mm, aka .308Win. I have fired this weapon at ranges of 100 to 1000 yards with 155Palma thru 190gr Sierra MKHP. In the hands of a skilled marksmen which is who this article represents the comparison of .308 to .243 is moot to between 500 & 600 yards, after 600 the .308 is far superior all the way to 1000 and beyond. At ranges used by police 50 to 200 yards the penetration and less deflection of the .308 is far superior to the .243 when using the “Correct” bullet in the .308.

    The statements concerning the 168 being used in sniping operations is incorrect since any sniper knows that glass, twigs etc. will cause the thin metal of the 168 to destroy itself, which is what the bullet was designed to do by Sierra. It is a competition bullet not a hunting bullet, not a sniping bullet. The standard 173 match FMJ, “Special Ball” would have been more of a comparison for the .243 bullet and would have blown the .243 out of the water. In 18 years I have shot 10,000+ of this round in competition.

    When it comes down to action, the shooter should know what conditions prevail, the beyond target conditions and this should dictate what caliber and bullet should be used to eliminate the threat.

    Thank you
    MAJ Charles Johnson, USA
    Distinguished Marksmen

  • Roland Foliart

    I wanted to know what company was used to make the rifle as well as the AI cartridges for this article- I am interested in building a similar rifle. Thank you.

  • Joshua Eoff

    First of all i would to i say i enjoy your magazine i pick when i get the chance. I was reading the latest issue when i came upon the article Remington m700 bdl.243 AI i was shocked at what the author wrote. the .243AI is a fine cartridge for varmints and small game i would not consider it a sniper round. on page 76 he has pictures. the first picture shows black hills 168grn bthp match. the caption says
    “with a load 48gr of Hodgdon’s H414 powder and hornady’s 75gr v-max bullet,superb accuracy like this is typical” now i would like to know what he is smoking because it must be good.
    he goes on to belittle the .308 by saying the it will not penetrate a juniper bush at 100 meters or 110 yards. and to say that the .308 would only scratch the paint on t-1 armor plate at 100 meters is ludacris the guy should be writing for a hunting magazine instead of a tactical one. And further in the article he writes
    “in the case of the student with the .243WIN AI rig,her {that’s right, her}target proved to be right at 650 meters from the placeshe chose to build her hide and make the shot.Afterward I was so impressed that i stopped the exercise for a few minutes, stood by her downed silhouette,had her stand up and then used a military laser rangefinder to determine the distance. It was a fine shot, but there is more.the silhouette was placed behind a three foot high, 15 inch juniper bush that completely obscured it.Yet she didn’t just hit , but made a nearly perfectly centered headshot on it through the bush”
    now if it was COMPLETELY OBSCURED how did she see the silhouette let alone take the shot and how did he use the laer rangefineder. to say that .243AI is better than the .308 is stupid.

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