REVISION’s Desert Locust PDQ Goggle Strapping System

REVISION’s Desert Locust PDQ, a strapping system, allows for better helmet-goggle integration.

Revision Eyewear brings helmet-goggle integration to the next level with the Desert Locust PDQ Release. The goggle strapping system, designed in conjunction with U.S. Special Forces Operators, was specially conceived for fast moving, dynamic missions, where the unique helmet attachment allows operators to singlehandedly don and doff the eyewear while keeping it at-the-ready.

This is the ideal system for military and tactical personnel conducting operations in changing light conditions, where eyewear can be quickly and singlehandedly donned and doffed while breaching doorways and traveling from bright to low light conditions. The strapping system also provides superior equipment compatibility where conventional goggle straps interfere with helmet integration and operator equipment such as Night Vision Goggles.

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