Risky Sight Cocking

One of man’s many weaknesses is succumbing to a fad.…

One of man’s many weaknesses is succumbing to a fad. It is also one of the most prolific. Fads come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Fads come and go and can be material things or ideas, or both. They can be harmless and free with good intentions, but just as often, they can be costly and have unintended consequences.

swattalk2.jpgWhere firearms and training are concerned, there continue to be many fads. The latest is not exactly new, but of late it has gained great momentum. Like many trends, this one is based on an attempt to improve something and comes from good intentions, but brings with it potential danger, which if not understood could result in injury or worse. The latest craze concerns using a pistol’s rear sight to cock or retract the slide of an autopistol.

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