Robber, Kidnapper Tazed In Durham

  April 1, 2009: A man exited his Saturn vehicle…


April 1, 2009: A man exited his Saturn vehicle to dispose of trash near his home in Durham, North Carolina. An armed man drew down on his victim, robbed him, and forced him into the trunk of the car. The criminal took the wheel and fled to a freeway, as a law enforcement officer picked up on the crime. A high-speed pursuit ensued with other officers, ending when the suspect bailed out on foot along the freeway. As luck would have it, the victim managed to open the trunk from the inside and escape after it stopped.

At the end of a foot pursuit with multiple Durham police officers, the suspect was subdued by the officers’ Taser and finally apprehended. The 19-year-old suspect was soon charged with kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and speeding to elude a law enforcement officer.

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