Ruger LCP .380

Ruger has almost everything: a classic, innovative .22 autopistol, an…


Ruger has almost everything: a classic, innovative .22 autopistol, an update of single-action revolver technology, a .22 autoloading rifle that everyone wants, and is the most customized rimfire in recent history, as well as an update of Garand’s rifle, a thoroughly impressive bolt-action rifle, and hunting revolvers, with other interesting stuff thrown in, but there was no truly light, small handgun meant for the concealed carry/police market until now. That truly light, small handgun is the Lightweight Compact Pistol (LCP).

Gun Details
This pint-sized polymer pistol is chambered for the .380ACP cartridge. Never known to be a ballistic powerhouse, it’s nevertheless considered by the knowledgeable to be a minimum, the smallest that any respectable gunman would ever consider carrying for self-protection. (Don’t tell anyone about the .32ACP I’ve been carrying periodically.)

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  • Captain Jim Turner

    I do not find the trigger pull to be any problem at all, especially considering there is no safety on the gun. You do not want a quick trigger pull in that case and I am sure Luger designed it that way on purpose. I do not keep one in the chamber unless I am in a dangerous area or a dangerous situation. All other times I just have the chamber empty and will just have to chamber it if I suspect trouble. The gun is extremely accurate for its size. In fact it out shot my larger Beretta 380 at 15ft. although the Beretta has 13 in the mag so more firepower but this little gun is not about that. It does what is is made for very well. It was made for concealed carry not target shooting and will hit anything 15 to 20 ft with every shot you fire if you practice with it any at all. A concealed carry weapon is was built to be used for close up shooting. A concealed carry weapon will almost always be used in a close up type shooting. My first time to shoot it I hit the target all 6 times from 25 ft. I was amazed all were in the 6 ring or better. I moved to 15 ft and 5 were in the 8 ring or better. No problem with the trigger pull it is not hard it is just a longer pull.

  • Walt Fletcher

    Difficult to argue with anyone that a .380 is the lower limit of a carry for self-defense. The advice I received from law enforcement training officers years ago was simply, “Fire until the aggressor drops or you run out of ammunition”. Shot placement is far more important than caliber. My complaint with the LCP is the protective coating which appears to be black oxide. Rust is a problem with the combination of a carbon alloy and insufficient coating. I finally took the slide to a plater and had a hard chrome finish applied. Naturally that voided the Ruger warranty, but the rust problem was solved. A stainless slide from the manufacturer would have been a better choice of material.

  • Greg Logan

    I carry this gun with a round in the chamber and find the trigger pull about right. Russell above is a nitwit and will put a round in his own ass with a lighter trigger pull. I can fire the gun fairly rapidly and keep all rounds in a 5 in. circle at 15 yards with the lazer sight. This is percisely what the gun is supposed to do.

  • Really?

  • Russell Derry

    This should go to the R&D I think but send it where it will do the most good.
    I bought a brand new LCP 380 and brought it home and when I got checking it out I found the trigger travel to be very, very excessive. Then when get to the good part, the hammer falls and you get a new round to fire. I found the trigger travel length to be far to excessive and would ask if you could do something to make this more reasonable? If the answer is NO then I will have to sell the gun. My guess is you are trying to cover your ass in case of an AD. I do not have any desire to pull my 380 out and find I did not have the tip of my finger just right and the gun will not fire. Really bad news for me.
    Thank you,
    Russell Derry
    3120 Watson Rd.
    Greenwood AR 72936