Sabre Defence XR15A2 5.56mm

THOUGH the “black rifle” is rapidly becoming a standard tool…

THOUGH the “black rifle” is rapidly becoming a standard tool for law enforcement in the United States, department-issued patrol rifles are not yet universal. I would venture to say that as I type these words, a budget meeting is going on in a police department somewhere in America and the money for new patrol rifles is being allocated.

sabre-2.jpgI understand the trepidation that many administrators have when it comes to adopting a patrol rifle program. In addition to the initial cost outlay for the rifles, departments need to budget for additional training, and of course new ammunition and accessories.

For this discussion we will consider not only a new “black rifle,” but a number of accessories and some new training to go along with these guns. Adopting a patrol rifle entails much more than simply choosing a gun and running your people through a marksmanship course. You need to learn to fight with it just as you have your pistol and shotgun.

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