SHOT Show 2011–Day Three

Federal Premium Guard Dog Federal Premium Ammunition has introduced the…

Federal Premium Guard Dog

Federal Premium Ammunition has introduced the Guard Dog Home Defense ammunition line. Federal developed this line to overcome the problem of bullet over-penetration in home defense scenarios. Guard Dog Bullets have a compound structure with a lead core base driving a rubber top half, all enclosed in a flat point copper alloy jacket. Unlike hollowpoints, Guard Dog bullets don’t depend on hydrostatic force to expand, so, if they hit wall board, they mushroom and give up their energy within the wall rather than driving straight through to the next room. For more information call 800-322-2342 or visit

RCBS has introduced a new series of rifle dies specifically for progressive reloading presses. The AR Series dies feature a small sizer and a taper crimp seater. The small base sizer ensures that rounds will rechamber easily in autoloading rifles. The taper crimp seater eliminates neck bulges. For more information contact 800-533-5000,


Colt LE 901
This ground-breaking rifle built on a platform similar to an AR 10 offers unique versatility in that it can be converted to .223 Remington. This is the ultimate in versatility for anyone that is fond of the AR 15 and AR 10 platform. The change is simple and can be performed in minutes at the enduser level and the rifle will work with all standard AR 10 and AR 15 magazines. To offer even more versatility, the gas system can be converted form piston to gas by the end user as well. Visit for more.

Kel Tec RMR 30 .22 Mag
The Kel-Tec RMR-30 is chambered for the .22 WMR rimfire cartridge. The design is a rifle version of the popular PMR 30 handgun and the rifle and the handgun can share the 30 round magazines. The rifle has a collapsible stock and a threaded muzzle. Total weight is only 3.8 pounds and the over all length with the stock collapsed is only 22.5 inches. The rifle is fitted with a full length Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver and a shorter rail on the bottom side. The barrel is 16.1 inches long. Visit


ArmaLite M 15 SPR Mod 1
Unlike most AR 15 rifles where the handguard and the upper receiver are separate units, with the Armalite M 16 SPR Mod 1 the upper receiver and handguard are one. The handguard witch features a quad-rail is also convertible by the end user so that they can configure the rails on the sides and bottom to meet the mission at hand. Additionally, with the Armalite eight inch gas system, the gas pressure at the port is consistent from shot to shot and the gas pressure is lower when the gun starts to unlock. This means less wear and tear on the parts and extends their life.
ArmaLite AR 50 A1 National Match

This is a big rifle chambered in .50 BMG. The rifle weighs 33.2 pounds and is a single shot with a match – not a mil-spec – chamber. These are the major differences between the AR 50 National Match and the standard AR 50. The match chamber also helps this rifle deliver sub-MOA accuracy. Armalite has also developed a skid system on the bottom of the stock and fore-end to help with straight back recoil. The skid system can be fitted to existing Armalite AR 50 rifles.

ArmaLite M 15 22 LR
To keep up with the growing demand for AR style rifles that will fire .22 LR ammunition, Armalite is offering the M 15 22 LR rifle and dedicated uppers for 2011. This rifle and the uppers have a 1 in 16 inch twist and come standard with an A2 flash hider. The upper receiver has an integrated flat top rail and there is a faux gas block on the barrel with a short section of Picatinny rail as well. Unlike many AR style .22 LR rifles, the M 15 has a working forward assist and all standard AR parts are interchangeable in the lower receiver. Visit

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  • Edward

    As long as the barrel itself is 16 inches or longer (including integral fake suppressors), it’s not a SBR.

  • SBR country?

    I don’t think so Chad. My understanding is that rifles are measured for compliance with the National Firearms Act at their longest. This means that, with fixed or collapsible stocks, the stock is extended to its maximum length before measuring OAL. Don’t take it to the bank, but that is the rule as I remember it.

  • dt

    Remember when Taurus used to copy S&W?

  • Chad

    Tiny problem with the Kel Tec RMR-30. Under 26″ collapsed… SBR country. Boo.