SHOT Show 2011–Day Three

Benchmade Tactical Safety Cutters In a life-threatening emergency, waiting for…


Benchmade Tactical Safety Cutters
In a life-threatening emergency, waiting for EMS to arrive is NOT an option. Benchmade’s “cutting-edge” safety hooks are quick and efficient in emergency situations. With a longer handle, the 8 HOOK provides greater reach and leverage. The 8 BLK MED is perfect for cutting bandages, casts, medical tubing and uniforms. Designed for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) professions, the new 8 BLKWEOD can be attached to robot arms, for more accurate cutting. The dip coated T-handled grip on the 8BLKH has a comfortable in-hand-fit and provides added leverage. If you want the best features of both the 7 and 8 hook lines, pick up the 15BLKW. Contact Benchmade at 800-800-7427 or at for questions or comments.

Vertical Grip from CTC Defense
Crimson Trace has been hard at work assembling an extraordinary new vertical grip, the MFV 600. The ultra modular MFV 600 has a number of optional accessories but comes from the factory with a detachable laser and a detachable 200 lumen white light that has a strobe feature. A central control switch enables you to set the attachments for continuous on, momentary on, or always off by use of the dual pressure switch. Contact Crimson Trace at or call 800-442-2406 for more information.

Under Armour Boot Line
World famous Under Armour is proud to introduce new additions to their line of tactical boots. Under Armour’s ultra light weight tactical Valsetz boot has the same breathable mesh and the same bottom as the highly successful Mirage shoe. Available in black and desert tan, with recessed stitching and an added toe cap for protection, Under Armour’s Valsetz boot is made for tactical use. The Gore-Tex lined Speed Freek boot is completely waterproof, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. An OrthoLite sock liner with UA HeatGear provides superior comfort. Black and Multicam are the only colors that can uphold the Speed Freek’s aggressive profile. Under Armour’s 100% waterproof Breech boot has a unique bottom, making climbing easier. With full grain leather protection and a fastrope inner grip, the Breech boot offers superior protection and durability. Available in Military Olive, Black and Desert Sand. For more information visit or call 888-427-6687.

Bushnell Introduces Elite Tactical Scopes
Bushnell’s Elite Tactical series scopes are built to withstand the hard use of military and-law enforcement situations, ensuring shooters can make quick adjustments for range and windage no matter the conditions. Elite Tactical scopes have fully multi-coated lenses with RainGuard HD, and their new Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Coating allows more usable light to enter the shooter’s eye, providing a consistent 95 percent light transmission. The scopes are purged with Argon for added corrosion resistance, longer seal life and reduced chances of fogging. Argon also conducts heat at a slower rate, reducing thermal conduction within the scope. The scopes have target turrets to help shooters quickly make adjustments for range and windage. For more information, call 800-423-3537, or visit

Aimpoint Unveils Patrol Rifle Optic – PRO
Police and warfighters will appreciate Aimpoint’s new Patrol Rifle Optic, which is always ready and always on, having been designed with input from distinguished professionals in the tactical field. The Aimpoint PRO is built on a hard-anodized 30mm tube enclosing a high-efficiency circuit that allows the sight to be turned on and left on for up to three years with one battery. The front lens uses a unique coating that allows the sight to be used with all generations of night-vision devices.
The PRO also features a 2-minute-of-angle red dot for accurate target engagement at all distances. For more information, call 703-263-9795, or visit

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  • Edward

    As long as the barrel itself is 16 inches or longer (including integral fake suppressors), it’s not a SBR.

  • SBR country?

    I don’t think so Chad. My understanding is that rifles are measured for compliance with the National Firearms Act at their longest. This means that, with fixed or collapsible stocks, the stock is extended to its maximum length before measuring OAL. Don’t take it to the bank, but that is the rule as I remember it.

  • dt

    Remember when Taurus used to copy S&W?

  • Chad

    Tiny problem with the Kel Tec RMR-30. Under 26″ collapsed… SBR country. Boo.