SHOT Show 2011–Day Three

Burris’ Eliminator LaserScope Extends Your Range Whether used by warfighters…

Burris’ Eliminator LaserScope Extends Your Range
Whether used by warfighters or SWAT teams, Burris’ Eliminator LaserScope expands the range of any firearm carrying it, from bolt-action to semiautomatic rifles. The Eliminator combines premium optics with range-finding capability and trajectory compensation. In a split second, it determines the target’s distance and shot angle, and calculates the trajectory and illuminates the perfect holdover. Three simple programming steps match the ballistics of your ammunition to the LaserScope’s trajectory compensating capabilities . This eliminates the need for a hand-held laser rangefinder. Just as importantly, there’s no loss of crucial seconds fumbling with other optics and rangefinders, and no need to guess or estimate the hold-over on long shots.
The Eliminator also features a balanced design and integrated mounting system that mounts low on any firearm. For more information, call 970-356-1670, or visit

Swarovski’s Z6i Delivers Fast, Sure Targeting
Swarovski’s Z6i 1-6×24 riflescope with its illuminated BRT-i reticle delivers unequaled performance for warfighters or LE tactical officers who must make quick, accurate shots while staying aware of their surroundings. The Z6i’s reticle is in the second image plane, and the scope’s extended eye relief allows shooters to keep their eyes aligned with the sight picture while staying aware of possible threats nearby in his peripheral vision. This scope also features a throw lever on its magnification ring for quick, certain magnification changes. For more information, call 800-426-3089, or visit

Hawke Debuts Tactical Line of Riflescopes
Hawke Sport Optics unveils the Sidewinder IR Tac 30 lineup of tactical riflescopes, which feature a red/green rheostat for reticle illumination and a super-strong 30mm body tube that’s finished in matte black to prevent reflections. The Sidewinder Tac 30 lineup debuts with four models: 4.5-14×42 with a ½ Mil Dot 10X, 6.5x20x42 with a ½ Mil Dot 20X, 8.5-25×42 ½ Mil Dot 20X, and 10×42 ½ Mil Dot 10X. These reticles are a fully floating design, and feature dots and “ties” spaced at ½ Mil Dot gaps. The hollow bars are calibrated for 0.2 Mil and whole Mil spacing. The 42mm objective lens enables a lower mounting position on the rifles, keeping the shooter’s head lower for better barrel alignment. For more information, call 877-429-5347, or visit


K-9 Mounted Camera Gives Superior Viewing
The K-9MC4 is a dog-mounted camera that gives warfighters unparalleled “access” to hideouts where they can see, record and archive whatever their dog discovers while following its nose, eyes and ears. This device is lightweight and highly portable, and can be strapped atop the dog’s back. The camera sits atop a strong post that folds down backward as the dog passes beneath obstacles, and then springs back up when it clears the obstruction. All the while, the device is transmitting RF video and audio signals back to the dog’s handlers, who are watching with the HHM-G1 handheld monitor. The device weighs 1 pound, measures 4.1 by 7.2 inches, and has a run-time of about four hours. For more information, call (866) 541-7996, or visit


Bushnell Debuts BackTrack Point 5
Bushnell’s BackTrack offers simple, basic GPS functions to get military and law-enforcement specialists back and forth between distant points without confusion or complications.
The Point 5 BackTrack stores and locates up to five locations using the latest digital technology. It features a highly sensitive GPS receiver; a self-calibrating digital compass; and time, temperature and altitude information. The Point 5 operates on two AAA batteries, and its compact size stores easily in a shirt pocket. For more information, call 800-221-9035, or visit

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  • Edward

    As long as the barrel itself is 16 inches or longer (including integral fake suppressors), it’s not a SBR.

  • SBR country?

    I don’t think so Chad. My understanding is that rifles are measured for compliance with the National Firearms Act at their longest. This means that, with fixed or collapsible stocks, the stock is extended to its maximum length before measuring OAL. Don’t take it to the bank, but that is the rule as I remember it.

  • dt

    Remember when Taurus used to copy S&W?

  • Chad

    Tiny problem with the Kel Tec RMR-30. Under 26″ collapsed… SBR country. Boo.