SHOT Show 2011–Day Three

Danner’s Law-Enforcement Kinetic Boot Delivers Speed and Strength Danner’s new…


Danner’s Law-Enforcement Kinetic Boot Delivers Speed and Strength
Danner’s new Kinetic boot for law-enforcement professionals is a fast, lightweight and flexible model that goes the distance and outlasts the tough conditions that police officers, correctional officers and S.W.A.T. officers often encounter. The Kinetic uses Ultralon footbeds for all all-day comfort, polyurethane midsoles for added support, and ballistic rip-stop nylon for long-lasting integrity. The Kinetic is made with durable, quick-to-polish full-grain leather, and comes with a waterproof Gore-Tex lining or a highly breathable, moisture-wicking lining for warm-weather comfort. It also features a multidirectional low lug outsole for superior surface contact, and a reinforced heel and metatarsal construction for added protection. The Kinetic comes in a 6- or 8-inch profile. Danner also offers a Kinetic boot specifically made for the Army, and it meets all AR 670-1 requirements. For more information, call 503-262-0110, or visit


GripWell Lets Shooters Use Magazine Well as a Grip
The GripWell from Tactical MagWell LLC is a lightweight grip that snaps onto the AR15’s magazine well to give law-enforcement officers a surer hold for greater accuracy and weapon control. The GripWell also promotes faster reloads, protects the magazine from damage, and promotes a better tactical stance by bringing the forearm closer to the body for more stability and better accuracy. The GripWell comes in several models, including a lighted version for improved vision at night, and the Goliath Grip, which improves the shooter’s grip even more during high-stress situations. The GripWell has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and demonstrated its versatility at the 2010 SWAT championship. For more information, call 479-696-4576, or visit

CampCo Unleashes a Mighty Pen

With the UZI Tactical Defender Pen by CampCo, law-enforcement officers can now be equipped to prove the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword.

This tactical pen writes just fine with Fisher Space refills, but its other end carries the UZI DNA Catcher. This sharpened crown can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which not only causes pain but simultaneously collects the aggressor’s DNA to assure identification. The UZI Tactical Pen broadens CampCo’s line of tactical pens, which also includes the Tactical Glassbreaker with its hardened, pointed crown for cracking glass. For more information, call (888) 9CAMPCO, or visit

It really seems the trend this SHOT show is to go large, or small, not much in between.  For just about every rifle that is getting more and more compact there is a 50BMG or similar long range rifle.  Sig Sauer is no exception.  The need for an anti-material weapon arose and they worked in conjunction with McMillan to come up with this beautifully done 50 BMG rifle.  McMillan was asked to produce a rifle based on their action with alterations requested by Sig Sauer.  It resulted in a lighter rifle with all the features and looks of the SSG3000.  Using proven magazine technology and stock design it is precision rifle accurate with a big punch.  Visit


YHM 1-Piece Mount
Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc., introduces their 1-Piece Scope Mount. This YHM scope ring set comes in both 1-inch and 30mm sizes, and will fit either a M1913 rail or Weaver base. They are available in a 4-screw-per-ring model, or the ultra-strong 6-screw design. They are also launching a two-ring standard ring set, too. The two-piece offset scope ring set retails for $115. The 6-screw mount sells for $143, and the 4-screw mount sells for $129. Learn more at, or call 877-892-6533.

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  • Edward

    As long as the barrel itself is 16 inches or longer (including integral fake suppressors), it’s not a SBR.

  • SBR country?

    I don’t think so Chad. My understanding is that rifles are measured for compliance with the National Firearms Act at their longest. This means that, with fixed or collapsible stocks, the stock is extended to its maximum length before measuring OAL. Don’t take it to the bank, but that is the rule as I remember it.

  • dt

    Remember when Taurus used to copy S&W?

  • Chad

    Tiny problem with the Kel Tec RMR-30. Under 26″ collapsed… SBR country. Boo.