SHOT Show Round-Up

It's true that Grandpa managed to get his law enforcement…

It’s true that Grandpa managed to get his law enforcement job done with nothing more than a revolver and a sap, and it’s also true that we shouldn’t get too caught up in the gear of the job since it’s the person behind the badge that really makes a difference, not their gizmos. Nonetheless, no one can argue that good equipment makes our job easier and, more importantly, safer. And each new year does indeed bring a string of new products that deserve our attention. Seven of them are profiled here.

tacticalballs.gifBrite-Strike Tactical Balls
Imagine a 1.38-inch high-impact plastic ball with two LEDs rated at 13,000 candelas that could be tossed into a room and come to rest always with the light facing upwards. The Brite-Strike Tactical Balls are a low-tech, low-cost, zero-liability alternative distraction device to flash-bangs. They can be used by anyone with almost no training. The tossed ball creates a wobbling light as it rolls across a floor, which naturally attracts the eye of anyone in the room to it. Waterproof, they are sold in three-packs with a belt pouch (for all three) about the size of an OC pouch. These are a truly cool new product!

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