SIG SAUER’s Rotary Diopter Sight System for SIG556

SIG SAUER now has a Rotary Diopter Sight System optimized…

SIG SAUER now has a Rotary Diopter Sight System optimized for the SIG556 rifle. This new sight system provided four site stations for accurate engagement at varying distances including  CQB, 100m, 200m, and 300m, all with tool-less windage and elevation adjustment. Designed to work in conjunction with the hooded front sight, the Rotary Diopter Sight System attaches to the receiver’s M1913 rail.

Made of durable steel construction the Rotary Diopter Sight System retrofits all existing SIG556 rifles. The front and rear sight co-witness with the SIG SAUER Mini Red Dot Sight and are optimized for M855 and M193 ammunition. The Rotary Diopter Sight System features 0.5 MOA (1/2”) click adjustments and 34” windage/25” elevation adjustment range at 100 meters.

The SIG SAUER Rotary Diopter Sight System is now standard on the SIG556 SWAT and Classic rifle models. This feature now provides serious shooters with a high quality indexed set of iron sights with CQB capabilities. MSRP is $259.00.

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  • ANDY

    As a owner of one of the first Sig 556’s I am very glad to see them come out with this sight system. I really wish they would have done it sooner. The sights that came with the early models were rudimentary at best and it wasn’t till Midwest Engineering came out with there front sight, That I even had an option for a good pair of back up sights. I own a AR-15 from Armalite and am very pleased with it, and I love my Sig. But I have to say that the people at Armalite’s customer service and at MI did more to help me than Sig’s own customer service. The experience did sour me towards Sig. I really hope that Sig brings a sling system to the 556 under their name to help people cut through all the other options and provide better one stop shopping. I still love my 556 and shot often, it is very accurate. Just needed better sights from the factory.

  • Scott Saunders

    Nice addition, I always like these on the HK’s.