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Silence Is Golden: 8 Elite Suppressors For 2014

Silence Is Golden: 8 Elite Suppressors For 2014

Less noise, less recoil and more stealth -- these eight elite suppressors are ready for any tactical job!

Suppressors reduce a weapon’s noise signature. While they do not completely make a weapon silent when firing, enough noise is stifled so a user’s position is not compromised. A system of baffles is used in suppressors to channel the muzzle blast so a loud report is reduced to a soft snap or click. Sound reduction varies between calibers and the use of subsonic ammo helps reduce the report further.

The other added benefit of a suppressor is reduced muzzle flash and reduced muzzle flip. The muzzle flip reduction also translates into less felt recoil to the operator. The way some current suppressors are constructed they not only mute the sound but also slightly increase muzzle velocity of the exiting bullet, so there is actually an increase in bullet velocity.

Here’s a look at suppressors specifically designed for use on AR platforms.

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