Smith & Wesson M&P 15T 5.56mm

I believed that Smith & Wesson leapt aboard the AR…


I believed that Smith & Wesson leapt aboard the AR train as it was rushing past the station, a hurry-up move to catch a ride with a gun that was totally alien for a handgun company. I cynically thought that the company saw the AR as a quick way to boost sales.

smith-wesson-556-2.gifAt first, my cynicism was reinforced when the initial M&P15s were built with major components from other AR manufacturers and hurried to market. However, S&W simultaneously pulled out all the stops and applied the full resources of their engineering team to tool up to produce their own major components. In short order, the M&P15s were being manufactured in-house.

So for me of little faith, I ate my words of doubt. I should have realized that with S&W’s engineering prowess and “lean” manufacturing methods, an in-house designed and manufactured M&P15 would be a flagship gun. Now, having spent almost six months shooting an M&P15T, I’m not so sure if the M&P15 isn’t the best production AR on the market.

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  • cranshaw

    S&W M&P15T does not come with the 1/8 5R rifling anymore. As of 3-4 weeks ago S&W has downgraded all their barrels to a 1/9 6R rifling without notice. I ordered mine November 2012 and just received it December 12 2012. Low and behold the barrel is not what was advertised. S&W basically said “Owell,” no compensation, nothing was offered to make their wrong a right. Pisses me off!!

  • I bought the .22LR (15-22) for my son last Christmas and was so impressed with accuracy, ease of breakdown and cleaning I decided to add another AR to the safe. I have put a couple thousand rounds of ammo through with no problems.
    Smith & Wesson did a great job here and I would highly recommend.

  • Will

    I have a s&w ar15t tricked out. And the guys from mosseyoak did a great custom one of a kind dip job. Forsale if any is interested. 615-542-2011 I’ve only shot 30 rounds threw it. It is awesome !

  • Tim

    I own two. Both are tricked out. My first with an Aimpoint Comp3ML, my latest with an ACOG T01N-RMR, with VLTOR stock, Young mfg match BCG, magpul trigger gaurd, timney, 3lb. trigger, and surefire 600c. I love that the M&P goes bang every time. I took advantage of tricking them out and personalizing them to make them the way I wanted. I also have a POF and I hardley every touch it. It heavy comaparatively to the M&P. They came stock with Troy front/rear BUIS and Troy free floating foregrip. I put the Magput MOE front grip on both. Outsatanding weapons, best out there.

  • Brian

    The laptop looking thing is a PEQ2 or PEQ15 which is used with night vision goggles in a tactical environment. It emits an ifrared laser that can only be seen with NVG’s. It is considered a reflex optic accurate for quite some distance.

  • Rod

    In the Army so this rifle is no problem. watch the ammo you put through it because you will get far more wear and tear in the inside than with good quality ammo. I love the rifle it is simple, easy to break down and get back firing. 300 meters center mass is all I have to say. Hands down the best on the market S&W M&P AR15. Hooah!!!!

  • Bought mine for $1300 from Bud’s Gun Shop in March ’10. Have only fired about 350 rounds but have had no issues. Really enjoying it!

  • william


  • Dave

    I’ve owned several Colts and DPMS and other variants of the AR-15 line. But I have to say since I bought the S&W MP15T I sold off every other AR I had, this gun is by far the best AR you could possibly get. No problems PERIOD. Don’t waste your hard earned money on any other platform, because Smith and Wesson just made the Rolls Royce of AR’s.
    Barr none!

  • rob

    i bought an m&p15t two months ago and i can’t say enough good things about it. feeds everything reliably from m193’s to wolf fmj’s. zero hiccups in over 600 rounds, including 480 rounds of the “dirty” wolf ammo. love the troy sights and quad rail, not to mention silky smooth operation that puts most ar’s i’ve shot to shame. i would gladly recommend this gun to anyone, it’s a great value (got mine brand new for $1300 out the door) and an overall outstanding rifle.

  • I sold my last AR back in ’88 and have regretted doing so since. I decided early this year that it was time to buy a new AR-15 and began doing some researching and window shopping to familiarize myself with the modern variants of the AR pattern rifle. I came to the conclusion that a new tactical M4 (collapsible stock, flat top upper) would be my preferred configuration. I looked at everything from budget carbines to the top tier guns handling everything I could find locally. I have to day that I was tempted to stretch my budget quite a bit after handling a few, well, ‘exotic’ builds – piston guns with run-dry ceramic coated receivers and carrier, 14.5″ free floating barrell with suppressor ready flash hider, quad rail forend with uninterrupted top rail, EOTech with flip-to-side 3x magnifier, lots of other goodies. In the end I decided that these guns were cool but carried a lot of $$ items and features for which I have no real application (plus I’m not sold on the piston concept for AR’s yet). Of all the M4’s I handled and researched the S&W M&P15T seemed to be the best bang for the buck and a perfect fit for me right out of the box. The M&P15x series have gained a reputation for being very reliable. I shopped around and found a M&P15T new in box for $1,100. I can’t fully relay just how satisfied I am with this purchase. It cycles everything I feed it, has not had a single failure, fit and finish are as perfect as Ibve ever seen in an AR (easily as nice as the aforementioned top tier carbines), consistent and very accurate, and mine has the best stock AR trigger I’ve ever felt with very little creep, no stacking, and a crisp, predictable break. It’s an amazing weapon especially considering the price! There are certainly other choices in this price range but the M&P15x series are worth serious consideration for anyone in the market for a new AR15.


    I Know for a fact that the S&W MP-15T has been put through hell (Approx 15,000 rounds) and not one jam or problem !! The Colt during this test had three light pin strikes. The Bushmaster Had 6 failure to extracts!! (Ammo used was Winchester 5.56 .55 grain FMJ Model Q3131). The MP-15T is hands down the winner..You might run into negative comments out there, but keep in mind there was a recall of the first run. You shouldnt have a prob with the new ones.

  • doug

    What is that laptop looking thing on the rifle in the picture?

  • jerry gale

    Ive had my M&P15T for about 6 months, put around 500 rounds through her, 2oo of those rounds being of the wolf brand. All I can say is no jams or missfires of any kind. I love it.

  • SwatDog1

    I own two of these M&P 15Ts. Use them for patrol and recreation. I’ve fired everything through them including Wolf 55 gr. hp and fmj. I fire them until they are so farking dirty you can’t get close to them with out getting filthy and they have NEVER, EVER failed to function properly. You can pay more but you cannot buy better than the S&W M&P 15T.

    I have heard a lot of guys complain and curse the Wolf brand ammo but I have never had a problem with any of it . . . unless you’re firing the 9mm and 40 through a S&W 4006 or 459. I have had some seizures with these two.

    The 223 fired at night through either of the M&P 15Ts or through a Sig 556 (new model) has consistently produced the smallest muzzle flash of all and the manufacturer guarantees the velocity . . . it is not a reduced load.

    I don’t doubt what anyone has posted, I’m just sharing my experiences and I’ve been shooting the AR 15 platform, patroling with them and training with them for over 22 years now.


  • brett

    i bought this gun and it is fuckin sweet my buddy bought a stag and nothin but jams i shot the same ammo through and mine worked fine 55 fmj. so scott I believe that gun that you bought….well was a rip off cause it was probley a used one.the sights on mine are fine ive shot about 12 to 1300 rounds in a couple mounths all differnt types of rounds not one jam.kick ass

  • Chris

    I bought the S&W M&P 15T in mid november. I have shot over 200 rounds thru it with no problems. I was not sure if it was worth the extra cost but I love this gun. The fit and finish are tight and clean. I have added many extras, such as a Houge grip, Surefire light, green laser, a leupold mark IV cqt scope and a front grip. I am still looking for a set of rail pads that are marked Smith and Wesson. Some guns come with them but mine did not.

  • scott

    Just bought this gun last week. I put 30 5.56 fmj rounds through it no problems. Ran some wolf .223 and nothing but jams. I don’t think it is the gun. I just think the ammo is cheap @ this point. Thanks to a marine at the shooting range he tore my gun down in no time flat and had me shooting again. The gun breaks down and back together smoothly. I did have some meatl burrs along the picatenny and the rear sight rattled loose. I probably shot 180rnds with frequent
    jams from the wolf ammo. It was the metal case 55gr. I stopped shooting because of the jams.

    With this gun I reccomend having it bore sighted from where ever you get it and making sure the sights are properly secured. Also the factory grips seem small for a mans hands.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the gun and operation.
    Quality control wise I am not satisfied at all. I think for nearly $2k the gun sights should not rattle apart with less than 200rnds and I dont like picking steel burrs from my hands.