I’ll admit I’m as bad as most survival show watching…

I’ll admit I’m as bad as most survival show watching fanatics! Whenever I see a piece of equipment that is new to me on one of these episodes, I instantly want to know what it is and where I can get one. Of course, in my line of work, that goes double for the knives and other cutting tools being used. One blade in particular, and I know I’m not alone in this, alluded me for me for years, the Malaysian style “parang” British Broadcasting star Ray Mears favors for all his machete work.


Ray Mears. Photograph: ITV
Ray Mears. Photograph: ITV

Given the wide range of jungle choppers available in this country, it was always a mystery why no one was importing parangs from South East Asia. Tactical Knives’ own globetrotting columnist Reuben Bolieu solves this eternal problem with a visit to the factory of Chop Kwong Yuan Loong in Perak, Malaysia. Now you can order a genuine Mears’ parang straight from the source! Look for the July 2012 issue on the newsstand April 1 and read all the details!



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  • Jay

    You could order those parangs directly from

    The boss is Mr.Nadir who met Ruben few months ago when he was here.

  • Matt

    Ray Mears is great:-) the only guy who can go into a jungle for weeks on end eating only grubs and shrubs and come out the other side fatter.