SNEAK PEEK: XProducts High-Capacity Drum Magazines – VIDEO

High-capacity drum magazines have been around for decades. Likely the…

High-capacity drum magazines have been around for decades. Likely the most famous is that used on the venerable Thompson Submachinegun. While stick magazines can only hold so much and remain usable, drums allow for more ammunition in a relatively compact space.

XProducts have been making one of the better versions of drum magazines for quite some time. Their selection includes 5 different rifles in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers. Well built, with great attention to detail, they tend to work better than most and are much easier to load.

The ability to carry 50 rounds of ammunition can be valuable to many operators. Reloads take time, and this keeps you in the fight longer, with no reload required. They are also just a ton of fun to shoot, and make for an enjoyable range day. While they take some time to load, it can be worth it in the long run.

Take a sneak peek at this video of the XProducts magazines in use with an AR in both 5.656mm and 7.62mm. A Springfield Armory Scout also got quite the workout.

Keep an eye out for a complete reviews in upcoming issues of’s publications. Are they truly all they are cracked up to be? How do they work? and how well do they load?

Pricing remains in reach for most, and if you are looking for high-capacity this just may be the ticket…

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