Spike’s Tactical LRS-1

Proper Installation the Alignment Collar Requires 2" Spacing Behind the…

Proper Installation the Alignment Collar Requires 2″ Spacing Behind the Muzzle Threads. A Step of .700″ Diameter and Length of.640″ is needed. A Dimensional Drawing of these Requirements is included, along with recommendations of Companies that can provide this service. With the Dynacomp HVS and ST-LRS-1 installed Approximatly 6 Inches is Added to the Overall Length of The Weapon. $1,125.00

The LRS-1 is NOT Rated and Warrantied for Full Auto fire. Use of the Mini Vortex HVS Muzzle Device is NOT Supported or Warrantied for Full Auto Fire. Learn more at Spikestactical.com.

-Suppression Rating- Pending Final Testing
-Mount/Suppressor Style- Modified Reflex (Multiple Patents Pending)
-Dimensions- 1.5″ODx9.25L
-Baffle Stack- Vacuum Brazed Assembly w/ Nitrided Finish
-Baffle Material- Proprietary High Temperature Alloy
-Body Material- Titanium
-Exterior Finish- Titanium Anodized Finish (Matte Non-Reflective)
-Suppressor Weight of 22.48oz

-Spike’s Tactical LRS-1 Suppressor
-Dynacomp HVS
-Dynacomp Billet Thread Protector
-Barrel Alignment Collar *Not Pictured*
-Muzzle Device Alignment (Shim) Kit
-Mounting Instructions/Diagram
-Spike’s Tactical Lifetime Warranty

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and it can’t handle full auto fire?!?