Springfield LW Champion Operator .45ACP

LAST YEAR I had the opportunity to compare the Springfield…

LAST YEAR I had the opportunity to compare the Springfield LW (lightweight) Champion with Smith & Wesson’s scandium-framed Commander. I have been a fan of the commander-sized 1911 for many years and it was with regret that both pistols were returned after testing.

springfield21.jpgA short time later, I received the new Springfield full-size LW Operator. As I’d tested and purchased the all-steel MC Operator in 2005, the LW was a pleasure to carry. My only question to Springfield was, “when are you going to come out with a Champion Operator?” Several months later, I received one of the first LW Champion Operators off the line and I can tell you that it was worth the wait.

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  • Glenn

    This sweet gun is the real deal!

  • A.P.D.

    I purchased one of these and have been carrying it on duty for over a year now and absoluetly love it. I did however change out the bolo grips for a set of thin houge girps simply because the wood was getting messed up on my seatbelt buckle getting in and out of the car. the light rail also is great for working night shift details.

  • Soldier53

    by the way I know two people with the Springfield and they love it! what was I thinking of?

  • Soldier53

    I should have picked up this gun but, I messed up and got a Kimber PRO TLE/RL 11 what junk gun! after 6 shoots it started to messing up! and Now it is going back to Kimber. 4 to 6 weeks they told me for turn around time? I just got it! I will never buy a Kimber I have 4 Springfield’s and I will stay with them! at $250.00 less you can get a much better gun from Springfield? Thank You Springfield for doing a good job!

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