Springfield’s M21 Tactical .308

The self-loading tactical rifle has many advantages. The most obvious…


The self-loading tactical rifle has many advantages. The most obvious are that the operator can deliver a follow-up shot immediately without having to work a bolt. Further, the detachable box magazine allows a fast reload or change to another type of ammunition (i.e. AP from expanding). Certain tactical situations emphasize these advantages. At Beslan School in Russia, for example, the large number of hostages and terrorists created a nightmare for the spetsnaz snipers on the scene. Once the shooting started, snipers found themselves having to engage terrorists hanging from windows and shooting escaping hostages. They needed the ability to engage multiple targets as quickly as possible and also to reload quickly when they shot their weapons dry. Fortunately, they were equipped with Dragunov self-loading sniper rifles with detachable 10-round magazines. No doubt, some hostages lived because of the advantages offered by the Dragunov at Beslan.

soringfield.gifThe self-loading tactical rifle also has distinct advantages in MAT (Maritime Anti-Terrorism) ops where snipers either on a ship’s deck or above in choppers will support a boarding team by engaging any terrorists who show themselves. Since either a ship’s deck or a helicopter does not offer the most stable shooting platform, the ability to deliver fast follow-up shots is important. Special ops units may engage vehicles or enemy personnel from helicopters as well, and, once again, self-loading rifles are the best choice.

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