Stark SE-5 Express Grip

The SE-5 Express Grip is specifically designed for shooters who…

The SE-5 Express Grip is specifically designed for shooters who train and operate with the support hand well forward on the hand guard or rails. The further forward the weapon is gripped the easier it is to manage recoil. This unique design allows the shooter to move, or “drive” the gun from target to target or engage a moving target more efficiently. The nature of the thumbs forward grip is to evenly distribute the most mass around the circumference of the grip and barrel. This grip allows the shooter’s shoulders to remain squared up, with elbows in and thumbs forward while driving the gun toward the threat for increased accuracy during dynamic situations.

The Express Grip allows the users forearm and hand to remain in a more natural position whether held extended and on-target or at the low ready position. This allows the forward hand and forearm to assume a “radically normal” position, providing ease of movement, comfort and quicker action than any other grip.

This ArmorSoft coated grip is comfortable – in stark contrast to other vertical fore grips – comfortable enough to hold in position during long waiting periods, whether in a dynamic situations or sport hunting. The SE-4 Compact Hand Grip is designed to easily and securely fasten to the standard 20mm/ picatinney rails of AR-15, M-4 style AR Rifles.

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