Old books, those you don’t plan on ever reading again,…

Old books, those you don’t plan on ever reading again, can be converted to hiding places for small guns or valuables with just a little bit of handy work. For the non-do-it-yourselfer, sturdy options can be bought from companies like Personal Security Products, Inc.

There are many reasons why a person may want to conceal their valuables or firearms in their home, but most often it is to thwart would-be thieves. We have all heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind” and are often reminded not to leave desirable items in plain view in our vehicles.

Any thief, whether they break into your home or your vehicle, will want to maximize their take in the shortest amount of time. They will look first in the most obvious places. For cars that may be in the glove box, under the seat, inside the console, while in a home it may be inside dresser drawers, night stands, closets or under the bed. In addition, anything of value that may be sitting out in plain view, such as small safes that can be easily removed and opened later, are also prime targets.

When it comes to firearms, keeping them easily accessible is a priority for many. Of course, a gun in the bedroom doesn’t do much good if you are in your basement when you need it. The best solution is to have your gun on your person at all times, but if that is not an option, there are alternatives.

For anyone with a small amount of ingenuity, many objects and places around the home can be readily converted to secret storage spots without going to the extreme of building secret rooms, false walls, trap doors, etc. Air vents are a simple, if obvious, choice, but also TV stands, bookshelves and cabinets can be adapted. By making the kick plate at the bottom of the front of the shelf removable, items can be hidden underneath.

Several companies also manufacture inconspicuous looking household items that have been adapted to conceal firearms or other valuables. However, the items listed here offer only concealment and not security—they do not lock or prevent anyone who finds them from gaining access to the items inside. Extreme caution should be exercised especially around children (who tend to be curious by nature), and PHD magazine cannot advise anyone to store loaded guns in this manner without taking additional safety precautions.


Book Smarts
Concealment Books from Personal Protection Products (PSP) are sold as a set and are actually boxes disguised to look like leather bound hardcover books. Felt-lined, they can hold most small- to full-size pistols or revolvers in complete anonymity. The boxes feature a magnet “lock” which helps keeps them closed until intentionally opened. For additional secrecy, the removable cover from a real book could be attached to the outside of the Concealment Book—just don’t forget which book hides your guns.


Also from PSP is a very nice wooden Concealment Mantle Clock, which opens from the top to reveal sufficient space for most large size autos pistols or revolvers. It is also felt-lined and secured with two magnets to prevent it from opening unintentionally. For ultimate versatility, PSP offers a Quick Draw Gun Magnet, which is a polymer-coated, screw mountable, round magnet that can securely hold up to 10 pounds. This magnet can be mounted under a desk or shelf, inside a car, underneath furniture or anywhere else one could image and securely holds a gun in place, including stainless steel and most alloy guns.

Photo op! Hide-a-Gun’s small picture frame easily conceals most any size pistol or revolver hidden inside for quick access.

Picture Protection
In the movies, we often see picture frames used to conceal wall safes behind them. But what if the frame is the safe? Hide-a-Gun offers reasonably priced custom frames in pistol and rifle sizes in a variety of finishes. The frames attach to wall studs using standard screws and inside they feature adjustable rubber-coated hooks to secure firearms. The small size measures 11 inches by 14 inches and will accommodate one handgun of most sizes while the large size measures 57 inches by 30 inches and can easily accommodate several longs guns and handguns. The Sportsman’s Guide also offers a picture frame that hides a pistol and has different shelves for other items as well.

Bedside holsters are convenient and versatile and can accommodate a variety of handguns or other security devices like flashlights or defense sprays. Image: Pillow-Pal Holster Holder.

Bedside Security
A pistol in a bedside table is an old cliché and for a good reason: it can provide quick access when needed most. The BackUp Bedside Shotgun Rack turns the bed and mattress itself into a storage device to keep a firearm, a shotgun or other long gun at the ready. Made entirely of high strength polymer, the BackUp features two large adjustable hooks to accommodate a variety of shotgun models without marring the finish and fits securely between the mattress and box spring. The shotgun mounts close to flush with the bed and is easily concealed with the sheets or comforter.


For handguns, the Pillow-Pal Bedside Holster Holder is a convenient all high-impact ABS polymer device that mounts between the mattress and box spring. It can accommodate any belt holster to hold your pistol or other safety device, such as pepper spray or flashlight, in place. With its low profile, it is also convenient to transport and use while traveling. Several other manufacturers also make bedside holsters in a variety of styles.

Concealment Mantle Clock: PS Products, Inc. introduces a smart new design for the concealment of your handgun, the patented “hide a gun” mantle clock. This working clock requires one AA battery, and is made of solid wood with a rich mahogany stain, making it a very handsome addition to any home or office décor. Behind the sleek façade is a perfect storage place for a small to large handgun up to 8″x 5″, or other valuables and keepsakes. The front panel is simply held shut by a magnetic closure for easy accessibility.

Personal Security Products; 877-374-7900

Hide-A-Gun; 817-371-2185

The BackUp

Nighthawk Protects; 417-337-2960

Ultimate Bed Holster

Pillow-Pal; 530-877-2431

The Sportsman’s Guide; 800-882-2962

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