SureFire G2X LE Flashlight

G2X LE: SureFire’s Law Enforcement-Ready Flashlight

The all new G2X LE flashlight from SureFire offers 400 lumens of reflector-focused white light with just one simple click.

Law enforcement officers in the field are often put into situations that require the fastest equipment possible, something SureFire keeps in mind when designing its gear.

The G2X LE delivers max output on its first press or click—a crucial feature for tactical professionals.

The powerful dual-output G2X model offers 400 lumens of reflector-focused white light — more than any other G2X — with significant reach and ample surround light for situational awareness. And its 15-lumen setting offers useful light with extended runtime.

Featuring a lightweight, durable Nitrolon polymer body designed for a secure hold, a Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum head, and O-rings and gasket seals to keep out moisture and dust, the G2X LE is as rugged as it is functional.

The G2X LE retails for $80 and is available now.

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