SUREFIRE LX2 Lumamax Tactical Flashlight

The new SUREFIRE LX2 Lumamax is a dual-output tactical LED flashlight.

SureFire‘s new dual-output LX2 features a high-performance LED capable of producing 200 lumens of blinding white light at its high setting (ten times the output of a typical two-D-cell flashlight) and a useful 15 lumens of light on low. It continues producing useful light levels for 47 hours on a set of batteries. Its bright, versatile beam is shaped by a TIR lens that gathers nearly all of the LED’s light and projects it forward, providing plenty of reach with enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision. The LX2’s ergonomic tailcap switch is programmed to deliver max output when pressed all the way down—making it an ideal choice for tactical professionals. Its Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body is lightweight, smooth, and waterproof (to one meter for up to 30 minutes) making it perfect for outdoor use and everyday carry too. MSRP $195.00.

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  • Salem

    wow. was my last attempt to post here just too damaging to the brand name??? you can’t afford such disparaging remarks against surefire? i didn’t think what i had to say was all that incendiary but if you don’t feel comfortable allowing me to post it, maybe it’s because there was content that you would prefer to keep away from the eyes of the other patrons of this site. i certainly did not use profanity or make insult against any product or person. i guess it’s safer to let some guy blurb a quick line or two of unsubstantiated bias against the product, then let the other guys shut him down with overwhelming opinion to the contrary. i just hope that the next time anyone is looking into dropping a large sum of money on a dependable flashlight, they have the foresight to do a little research on the lifespan of the high dollar batteries used in these things or at least save their receipt to return it to you after finding the claim that these flashlights are the most dependable to be utterly false.

  • Salem

    I have two yellow Surefire flashlights. I gather they are base model from looking at the other lights offered by Surefire. They shine great for approximately 2 hours of usage. I don’t mean I leave it on for two hours and it cuts out. I mean after about two hour’s worth of ON time it stops lighting and that is a generous estimate. Doesn’t go dim. Just doesn’t light at all like the bulb is busted. I tried to leave the batteries out when I’m not using it, in case they were being drained while inactive, but got no noticeable increase in battery life. I used the Surefire brand the first go ’round. Then I tried Duracell Ultras. The good news is that the Surefire brand battery lasted as long as the Duracells. The bad is that neither brand kept the light shining nearly long enough to compete with other brands of flashlight. I didn’t come on here to bash Surefire. No flashlight I have ever owned (or seen) can touch the amount of output these little things pack when they have the juice. I would really appreciate any tips on how to extend battery life, though.

  • Larry C.

    Justin, which brand would you buy id your life depended on it working? That is the reason that Police Officers, Military, and other “point of the sword” folks pay the premium for Surefire products.

    Go to the night shoot at any class at Gunsite and all of the instructors and 98% of the students have Surefire flashlight.

  • Randall

    Surefire lights are the best , i work with us coast guards and they all have surefires,, hey , if your life depended on it you would pay more for a surefire, you get what you payfor..

  • Zhao

    All those lights Justin mention are Chinese crap lights that break down in 3 days.
    Surefire is American, tried and tested in War Zones. I’m Chinese, so I should know.

  • Don D.

    Justin is not well educated on high performance flashlights. I have several SF lights along with many other brands. All of my SF lights meet or exceed their publish ratings and by far outperform any other I have used in the field.

  • Justin

    Please do some articles on Fenix, Wolf Eyes, Eagle Tac, etc. Thank You

  • Justin

    I’m honestly shocked people still buy Surefire flashlights. Most of them suck at run time or output or both, and the rest are way over-priced.