SUREFIRE Rescue Lights

The new high-output LED Fire Rescue flashlights were created for…

The new high-output LED Fire Rescue flashlights were created for the demanding needs of firefighters, paramedics, and all first responders.  They produce smooth, brilliant beams with greater output than much larger two-D-cell flashlights.  Fire Rescue lights come standard with three easy-to-install diffusers that allow beam patterns to be tailored to suit nearly any siatuation.  The G2L and G3L-FYL models are powerful, single-output lights, while the G2D and G3D-FYL models offer greater max output and three output levels to fit most applications.  All the SureFire Fire Rescue Lights are constructed of lightweight, corrosion-proof Nitrolon with rugged aerospace aluminum bezels and tailcaps, and are O-ring and gasket sealed.  The fluorescent yellow bodies, with reflective stickers, feature molded-in grid patterns that provide a secure grip, even in wet conditions or while wearing heavy gloves, and are easy to find in dark, smoky conditions. For more information and to see all models, visit

* Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
* Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized spot beam
* Press tailcap switch for momentary-on, press further to click constant-on (repeat on/off to access various output levels on “D” models)
* MIL-STD-810 rated, which includes safe for explosive atmosphere
* Extra-long fluorescent lanyard included
* Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life

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