SureFire’s 10X Dominator Tactical Flashlight

SureFire’s 10X Dominator is an incredible two-headed flashlight— it’s the Rolls Royce of rechargeables!

I have found that one of the few benefits of growing older is that you are less likely to say stupid things. Less than brilliant statements haven’t been totally edited out of my dialog, mind you, but it seems that they slip out less often than before.

surefire2.jpgA few SHOT Shows ago, I was checking out some of the new products at the SureFire booth. This California-based firm is widely regarded as the world leader in tactical flashlights and continues to ride the cutting edge. While perusing the SureFire offerings, I came upon an unusual flashlight. Most SureFire products are relatively small and conventional in appearance. The light in question was much larger and looked like it might be carried by a crewman of the Starship Enterprise.

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