SUREFIRE’s Saint Headlamp

SureFire’s engineers started from the ground up to create a…

SureFire’s engineers started from the ground up to create a virtually indestructible headlamp that overwhelms the darkness with a wide yet powerful beam optimized to match your field of vision. It’s all controlled by a variable light output dial designed for one-handed use, even with fingers that are cold or gloved, enabling you to dial it up or down from 0 to 100 lumens with a simple turn. Saint™ was cut from hardanodized aerospace-grade aluminum that’s built to last and its custom-made headband, accented with moisture-wicking Breathe- O-Prene® pads, provides unmatched comfort and dryness. This is the no-holds-barred headlamp you’d expect from SureFire®—maker of the world’s finest illumination tools. MSRP $185.00

– High-quality LED, in concert with proprietary refractive optic, produces a smooth, powerful beam controlled by a variable light output dial that allows user to select 0 to 100 lumens with just one hand.
– Hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum housing is lightweight and built to survive season after season.
– Dual-Fuel battery compartment utilizes both 123A lithium or AA alkaline batteries. Saint is ready for action even if lithium batteries aren’t around.
– Custom-made headband was built for comfort, durability, and a secure fit with or without a helmet. Top strap clicks on and off in seconds.
– Breathe-O-Prene® pads fit comfortably against the forehead and the occipital protuberance while wicking away moisture. These pads can be removed for washing or replacement.
– Cable management system secures excess cable; extending the life of Saint while adding to its overall comfort.

*Due to the fact that this product has not yet been released by SureFire, the specs and information above are subject to change when it is made available for purchase to the public. Planned released date is TBD, sometime in 2009.


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  • Looks like Surefire is taking over with their new headlamp. It would be good for a continuous use situation. For me though, i ussually have short-term use of a headlite and put my Surefire “Backup” in a nite eize headband. If i had a log term need though, i’d get the new “Saint”.