TACTICAL LINK’s 2-Point Sling

The Interceptor 2 Point Sling combines the security of a…

The Interceptor 2 Point Sling combines the security of a traditional 3 point sling with the mobility of a single point sling, resulting in a safer and more low-drag tactical sling specifically designed for the high-speed professional. Engineered and designed with the “simple is better” concept, the ambidextrous Interceptor 2 Point Sling is designed without any extra “features” that oftentimes end up complicating the system. Available with or without a Quick-Release Buckle.* (Note: optional Swivel Connectors are sold separately)

* Ambidextrous
* Unlimited configurations
* Compatible with a variety of weapons
* Quick-Release Buckle (QRB) *
* Attach to our 2 point sling mounts or OEM rifle parts
* Available in a Ready Set
* 1.25″ mil-spec nylon webbing
* Compatible with type 1 or type 2 buttstocks
* Light weight, comfortable, silent
* Made right here in Maple Valley, USA
* MSRP $46.95

For more information on this and other Tactical Link products, visit www.tacticallink.com

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