TACTICAL LINK’s HK 3-Point Sling

Tactical Link's new HK Three Point Sling is the most…

Tactical Link’s new HK Three Point Sling is the most convenient and versatile three-point sling available with no weapon disassembly or alteration required. It features an optional Quick-Release Buckle and is compatible with other weapons similar to the HK MP5 with an “eye” near the muzzle and a sling channel on the side of the receiver or in the buttstock. MSRP $44.95

* 1″ mil-spec nylon webbing
* Works on collapsible and fixed stock models (see picture #12 of 12)
* Quick-Release Buckle (QRB) *
* Does not require weapon disassembly or alteration
* Made right here in Maple Valley, USA

For more information on this and other Tactical Link products, visit www.tacticallink.com

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