TAPCO’s Fusion SKS Rifle System w/ Rail

Transform your classic SKS from an antique rifle to a…


Transform your classic SKS from an antique rifle to a modern day tactical weapon. TAPCO’s SKS Fusion Rifle System (olive drab) replaces all original stock components with a light weight composite material. Offering 6 adjustable positions, this stock will accommodate any size shooter. The SKS Fusion Rifle System includes an upgraded handguard with built-in Picatinny/Weaver rail that does not interfere with the use of the iron sights. Also included in the kit is TAPCO’s SAW pistol grip featuring a more ergonomic angle and increased width for greater comfort and control. Inside the grip housing is a useful storage compartment. Works on all SKS models including the “D” model.

tapco5.gifLengths of Pull:
11.5″ (Collapsed), 12″, 12.75″, 13.5″, 14.5″, 15″ (Fully Extended)

Features & Benefits:
-6 Positions
-Counts as 3 Sec 922r Compliant Parts
-Lifetime Guarantee
-Manufactured in the US by TAPCO
-Solid Locking
-Storage Compartment
-Upper and Lower Mounting Platform

Now available with an attached black lower Picatinny rail for the use with accessories.


For more information on this and other TAPCO products, visit www.tapco.com

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  • GroundPounderJoe

    Awesome result with the OD Green….I have the Dark Earth version kit…I would really like to know what parts you used on that tiny side rail and how you installed it for the Tac light.

  • joe

    outstanding stockset. tight, solid, fuctional set-up. quality product.