TELLURIC GROUP Small Arms Collimator (SAC) Sight

The TELLURIC GROUP Small Arms Collimator (SAC) sight gives a high degree of accuracy without a live shot fired.

The Small Arms Collimator (SAC) is a precision optical device that allows military or law enforcement shooters to confirm zero and/or re-zero weapons, to a high level of accuracy, without live fire.

In the operational environment, the SAC ensures that shooters always go into the fight with a properly zeroed weapon- even after compromising zero by bumping weapons or changing sights.

During training, the SAC saves valuable time and ammunition on the zero range, prevents problem weapons from creating problem shooters, and is an outstanding training aid for teaching marksmanship fundamentals.

Small Arms Collimators work with iron sights, optical sights (i.e. EOTech, Aimpoint, ACOG, Leupold Mk4), and night vision sights. They are available for assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper systems, and grenade launchers.

Collimators are also available for use with thermal weapon sights (TWS) and for laser aiming devices.

* Accurate to better than 1 MOA (0.25 mil/1 inch @ 100 yds).
* Zero confirmation takes less than sixty seconds.
* No batteries. No adjustments. No maintenance.
* Tritium light source for night use.
* Available for most common military/ LE weapon platforms.

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  • Asif Janjua

    Please advise which company has developed small arms collimator and what is the purpose of it.