The Magblock And The Gripshot

MagBlock: AR Mag-Well Plug Let’s face it. With very few…

MagBlock: AR Mag-Well Plug

Let’s face it. With very few exceptions, AR-type weapons (M4/M16/AR-15 or similar clones) spend more time sitting around unused than at the range or in the field. Whether stored in a gun safe, locked in a closet or buried in the trunk of a patrol car, almost every AR lives a life of waiting. And as it patiently anticipates its next meal of 55- or 62-grain 5.56mm NATO, its huge, open magazine well becomes a magnet for dirt, debris and moisture.


This is, generally, a minor annoyance cured by routine cleaning, but years ago when MagBlock founder and CEO, Michael McCarthy, was deployed in Afghanistan, he realized that in that brutal, combat environment, even an afternoon’s accumulation of airborne debris could make a weapon inoperative. There, as in many areas, an operator’s weapon must be ready at all times. But the blowing and ever present dust and grit (together with some local administrative requirements that magazines not be inserted in stored weapons) forced operators to repetitively clean stored or transported weapons—or risk weapon failure in combat.

Consequently, McCarthy developed the MagBlock, which seals the magazine well with a very visible and safe, magazine-shaped, polymer plug. Each MagBlock follower can be positioned either in the ready position or to mechanically block the bolt carrier so it is visibly out of battery (showing safe). That means when you get to the range and take it out of the case, the rangemaster and everyone else around you will immediately know the condition of your weapon.


For full usage of space, the MagBlock’s interior compartment can be used to store small bits, or three or four CR123A batteries. The MagBlock comes in various colors, including bright yellow or the usual tactical pastels, and can be used with an M203 grenade launcher mounted. However, for a civilian or LEO AR-user, the MagBlock not only keeps the weapon sealed and clean but also gives protection from unintended use, by preventing the direct introduction of live ammo into the receiver. For more information, visit or call 334-370-0141.


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