Three Super-Versatile Knives

SureFire EW-04 Delta Their EW-04 is called the Delta. A…

SureFire EW-04 Delta
Their EW-04 is called the Delta. A military handle, the Delta is their combat/utility knife. The blade is made of Crucible CPM S30V blade steel, a martensitic stainless steel. It has a high carbon content, making it useful for tool steels. It’s an attempt to arrive at the right combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) steel has been balanced to advance formation of vanadium carbides, which makes it harder and more resistant to wear than chromium carbides. As a result, CPM S30V is supposed to be harder and more resistant to corrosion than other steels commonly used in blade and tool production.

benchmade.jpgBenchmade 14250sbt
Benchmade, a huge name in the knife industry, makes a knife especially for Heckler & Koch. The 14250SBT is built around the Benchmade AXIS locking mechanism, a very strong lock for folding knives. Benchmade believes it to be the most secure folder lock device made. While it’s a stout, positive lock, the AXIS makes for a very smooth opening folder. I was impressed with the lack of pressure needed to deploy the 3.4-inch blade. There is a minor pressure point to get over when closing the blade, making it feel somewhat like the effort needed to compress a spring.

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