Top 10 Black Gun AR Accessories
Top 10 Black Gun AR Accessories

Top 10 Black Guns AR Accessories

The AR-15 has proven to be an enduringly popular weapon platform—read on to see a selection of the Top 10 AR accessories available today.

The AR-15 has proven to be an enduringly popular weapon platform, due in part to the adoption of the M16 by the U.S. military as well as to the uniquely modular nature of the design. Combining terrific performance with a nearly unending list of available upgrades and enhancements, it should come as no surprise that the AR is one of today’s most popular platforms. Read on to see Black Guns magazine’s selection of the top 10 accessories for the AR available today.

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  • Kev

    Feels as though this was written for those that ran out during the “AR Scare of ’13” to buy their first ridiculously priced [fill in poor quality AR Brand here]. Also seems as though it was written by whatever Brand was willing to pay to get on the list. As an Infantryman, not Tier 1, Secret Squirrel Scary Guy and someone with a love for tactical shooting there wasnt one item (aside from the EOTech) on this list that I would spend my money on. Why not make a list of generic categories, different types of Slings (Pros/Cons), Lights, Forend Grips, etc. Throw out a few different brands so that the reader is encouraged to do their research and find what they really want/need not what they’ve been railroaded into buying because they read a ‘Top 10’ list online. Lastly, I have a deep respect for Sig, they make an amazing product but the wrist support featured here was ludicrous. Of all the amazing products they make you couldnt find a better one to throw in your poorly thought out Top 10?

    • Kev

      Re: Sig wrist support comment above, it is absolutley riduculous unless it is utilized by disabled shooters

    • Sam Green

      I have to agree James and Kev, while I’m not active duty like Kev, I’m ex military and have seen a lot better products in my travels than what’s on this unremarkable list.
      I only stumbled onto this site, saw the headline of the article and clicked in.
      Not trying to be disrespectful, but in my opinion the editor here needs a wake up call and the author should consider going to the next Shot Show, and discover what’s actually out there for new products that are really kick ass.
      The Surefire foregrip/light is an oversize mess, the pistol brace is great if your disabled and/or have dexterity issues or for users that may want to avoid SBR tax stamps.
      The EMAG shouldn’t even be on the list, especially since the Troy Battlemag is a shoe in for people having PMAG Gen1 compatibility issues. 99% of tactical rifle owners have no need for a Emag, so why is it on the list?
      The slanted foregrip is neat as is the silencer, the sling surely is neat, but are these items worthy of a top ten designation?
      Yeah maybe if you live on Mars and have never seen other products that can best nearly all these items in price and practicality .
      The 22 conversion I can’t speak of, nor the folding stock as I never tried either. The Eotech is an Eotech. Glad to see that on this list or any list.
      As far as the Diamondhead iron sights, I think the author may have gotten lost in the woods and eaten to many poisonous mushrooms and berries as Troy has Di-optic diamond sights cost less and are arguably a better product. How the author can give iron sights with nothing new a top ten spot is absurd.

  • James Major

    good concept, however being an avid ar shooter I feel like the list falls far short mine in order are 1. magpul ms3 sling 2. inforce hsp wml. 3. aimpoint t1 4. battlecomp 1.0 5. geisslie sd3g trigger 6. b5 bravo stock 7. kac micro buis 8. magpul rvg 9. bcm gunfighter grip 10. magpul asap plate