Military Surplus Gun Upgrades 2015 lead
Top 15 Military Surplus Gun Upgrades

Top 15 Military Surplus Gun Upgrades

Update your classic military surplus warhorse with some of today's top accessories!

Needless to say, the charm of a classic military surplus gun is its history. Every etch on the stock or scratch in the finish tells a story about where it has been and what it has done. However, there are circumstances where non-permanent modifications to these old warhorses can give them a new lease on life. For example, outfitting a military surplus rifle with a modern, high-tech stock or a handgun with new grips can make it into a modern shooter that is more useful, comfortable and user-friendly for a day on the range. Following is a round up of some of today’s modern options for your classic surplus firearm.


Altamont Hi-Power Super Walnut Grips 

Military Surplus 2015 upgrades Altamont

Altamont Hi-Power Super Walnut Grips

Altamont is well known for manufacturing high-quality gun grips. The Super Walnut grips for the Browning Hi-Power are similar to the classic Hi-Power grip, except they are smooth with a brilliant wood figure. Slimmer than the classic Hi-Power grip, the Super Walnut feels good in hand and can make the old Browning look fresh. (; 800-626-5774)


Apex Walther P.38/P.1 Grips 

Military Surplus 2015 upgrades Apex Walther

Apex Walther P.38/P.1 Grips

Some 76 years ago, the Walther P.38 was a cutting-edge, high-tech combat pistol used by German troops during WWII. After the war, and renamed the P.1, the Walther continued to serve in the German military and with German LE agencies. Apex Gun Parts has original P.1-style grips to replace cracked or broken grips. Made of black-checkered polymer and with a slot for a lanyard, the Apex grip is a factory original removed from service pistols. (; 719-481-2050)


ATI SKS Fiberforce Stock

Military Surplus 2015 upgrades ATI SKS Fiberforce Stock

ATI SKS Fiberforce Stock

ATI’s completely ambidextrous Fiberforce stock for SKS rifles has a familiar Dragunov design appearance due to its thumbhole, skeletonized stock and vented handguard. The pistol grip has a textured pad for improved grip when shooting and the adjustable cheekrest allows for a better cheekweld and eye alignment when shooting with optics. The cheekrest also has a storage compartment for cleaning supplies. The stock is constructed of lightweight, glass-reinforced polymer and fits most SKS barreled actions. Available in black, desert tan or destroyer gray. (; 800-925-2522)


ATI Enfield Stock

Military Surplus 2015 upgrades ATI Enfield Stock

ATI Enfield Stock

Update the classic Enfield No.1 Mk III rifle with a two-piece, glass-reinforced polymer stock with Monte Carlo cheekrest. The stock is scratch resistant, has a checkered grip and forearm as well as a 3M Soft Touch checkrest on the raised Monte Carlo comb for more shooting comfort. Two sling swivel studs and a recoil pad are included. The Enfield Monte Carlo Stock installs quickly and is available in black or dark earth brown. (; 800-925-2522)


Boyds’ Featherweight Mosin-Nagant Stock

Military Surplus 2015 upgrades Boyds Mosin-Nagant Stock

Boyds’ Featherweight Mosin-Nagant Stock

Boyds’ sporter thumbhole stocks are made from laminated wood for strength and beauty. The stock is inletted to accept a barreled action from a Mosin-Nagant 91/30. Other models may fit, but minor additional fitting may be required. Being a sporter stock, it is not inletted for barrel bands, but can be fitted to accept most barreled actions. The thumbhole design allows for comfortable shooting in a variety of positions. Stocks feature Boyds’ 0.5-inch-thick recoil pad. The Featherweight stock is available in forest camo, nutmeg, pepper and Royal Jacaranda. (; 605-996-5011)

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  • Mr Ghue

    Anything for a mosin is hot right now. Surprised that I don’t see more upgrades more often with the numbers that have been sold and the rising popularity of a rifle with such cheap ammo still available in such quantities. Anyone that isn’t a fan must have the money spend on cartridges that the price doesn’t matter. The longest serving rifle in world history. 1891 to present is a long time, not to mention that it’s the rifle that holds the world records for most kills on the battlefield by a single sniper in more than one country.

    • BillinDetroit

      With 30-06 ballistics for ~22 cents a round, MNs are STILL under-priced. Get a 91/30, restock it from ATI (including external 10 rd magazines) and go shoot something!