Fortis SWITCH Rail System 25 overall lead
Fortis SWITCH Rail System

Mission-Ready Accessories: Top 25 AR Rails & Grips

Must-have AR rails and grips will increase your weapon control and help you mount even more mission-critical accessories!

With the broad use of Picatinny rail systems on modern tactical rifles, the ability to accessorize a weapon for a specific mission has become almost pedestrian in its familiarity. Need a long gun set up for night operations? How about for a CQB role? Need one set up as a precision rifle? With the proper gear, some basic tools and a few minutes, this can be accomplished with ease.

For the modern AR rifle owner, there are many options out there on this front. Do you have a standard-pattern carbine or rifle with a non-railed handguard? Then read on to take a look at some of options out there for upgrading your weapon. Already have a forend with a rail system but are looking for some accessories for it that will enhance your rifle’s handling characteristics? For the newest and best in rail covers, magazine well grip enhancers and vertical foregrips, then read on to find out some of your options.

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