Top-Gun Ruger Mini-14 5356mm

BILL RUGER is reported to have once said that if…


BILL RUGER is reported to have once said that if the Mini-14 had been developed a year earlier, the US military would have adopted it instead of the M16. How likely that outcome would have been is a matter of conjecture.

ruger-7.gifWhere law enforcement was concerned, there were no constraints limiting the ammunition used to full metal jacketed (FMJ) bullets, the major weakness of the 5.56x45mm. Not only are such bullets relatively ineffective against assailants, but they also tend to over-penetrate, posing a threat to others. Law enforcement may select from the many expanding bullets on the commercial market, just as they do with issue sidearms.

In spite of the Mini-14’s general military-like design, it came with sporting sights and a stock, which while comfortable enough, was equipped with a curved plastic butt plate patterned after those used on 19th-century carbines. Although Ruger had offered a more military-like version of the Mini-14, it soon stopped making it available to the public along with high-capacity magazines, offering the rifle with only a 5-round magazine.

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  • ryan

    Mini 14 would be a better gun to use because the AR and Mini are relatively equal in accuracy and range. I own both and the AR is slightly better with the accuracy but the Mini doesn’t need as much maintenance and doesn’t jam as frequently as the AR. So if the AR is slightly more accurate but the Mini doesn’t jam anywhere NEAR as much as the AR, what gun would you choose? They both look pretty BA with the tactical setup…

  • John Colt

    I have privately owned a Ruger Mini 14 and had the various versions of the M-16 during my service in the reg Marines and reserves. The action on the Ruger is just a miniaturization of the Springfield M-14 so why on earth would the US Air Force (which 1st adopted the AR-15) and the US Army go for the Mini-14? They already had the M1A2 carbine. Just look at that picture up there, isn’t thatt the dorkiest thing you have ever seen?

  • Steve Blickley

    I love the miniNRA my wife gave me. I got it with Reddot 30mm sights on ruger rings, Then I acquired a 4X Burris scope on 1″ ruger rings. The ring design is so good I can swap out scope for reddot in 30 secconds and it will already be zeroed. Sweet design, treat it well and scopes and sights are good to go every time once they are originally zeroed. It is sub MOA, and that was out of the box. Never had any work done on it, and it has not failed yet. All I use is Ruger Mags and Hornady HO 75gr bullets. With the 16 1/8″ barrel it is super, 55gr are not as goodwith this short tapered barrel. Just bought the strikeforce package from Ruger and love it. Ruger’s ATI has the Ruger logo stamped on both sides, nice touch.