Triangle Krav Maga’s Hex Tool Is the Modern Brass Knuckle

Triangle Krav Maga's Hex Tool features an ergonomic design that allows for the tool to always be held correctly.

Triangle Krav Maga is the only school on the East Coast certified to teach Force Training to law enforcement and military.

However, teaching the hand-to-hand fighting system isn’t the only thing Triangle Krav maga does. It also manufacturers useful products for the field.

One such product is the all new Hex Tool — designed as a modern solution to the traditional brass knuckle.

The Hex Tool’s ergonomic honeycomb design is the key to its usefulness in the field. Unlike tradition brass knuckles, no matter which way you grab and hold the Hex Tool, you’re holding it correctly.

Featuring extreme durability, the Hex Tool is light and armored with Cerakote (the same rust-resistant, nano-tech coating used on firearms).

The Hex Tool is available in five distinct colors: Armor Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Blood Red, and Ice Blue.

The Hex Tool retails for $45 and is available now.

For more information on the Hex Tool and other products from Triangle Krav Maga, please visit

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  • MrApple

    The colors are now more limited and the price has gone up to $65.