TRIJICON Advanced Combat Thermal Sight (ACTS)

Complete darkness, smoke, fog, dust and other visual obscurants are…

Complete darkness, smoke, fog, dust and other visual obscurants are no longer an ally for the enemy, thanks to Trijicon‘s latest thermal sighting innovation called the Advanced Combat Thermal Sight (ACTS).  It is the world’s first system providing soldiers with high-definition uncooled thermal sighting with up to 4X magnification for long-distance nighttime operations.

The Trijicon ACTS is designed to easily clip on small arms and interface with the battlefield proven Trijicon ACOGTM (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight), delivering rapid and precise target acquisition under the most challenging conditions.  This versatile sight can also be used as a hand-held thermal imaging device for scouting, surveillance or covert operations.  Developed in partnership with FLIR Systems, the Trijicon ACTS uses a 320×240 VOx uncooled microblometer camera to provide crisp imagery through total darkness.  Because it uses thermal imaging technology, the wide range of visual acuity issues common to the battlefield does not compromise this advanced sighting system. For more information on features and specs, visit

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  • Ffxhub

    Any idea what the price is going to be or if the public will be able to buy one??