TRIJICON’s Advanced Thermal Weapons Sight

Trijicon has developed its latest-generation, cutting-edge Advanced Trijicon Thermal Weapons…

Trijicon has developed its latest-generation, cutting-edge Advanced Trijicon Thermal Weapons Sight (ATWS) for small arms use.  The Trijicon ATWS is the first high-definition (640×480 pixel) small arms mounted, uncooled thermal sight in the world.  It is also smaller and lighter than most current lower-definition weapons-mounted thermal sights available on the market.

The Trijicon ATWS is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) allowing extremely rapid and sure target acquisition and engagement, regardless of poor lighting conditions or battlefield obscurants like dust, smoke or fog.  With nearly 500,000 Trijicon ACOGs currently in service, the new Trijicon ATWS can further enhance the gunnerʼs ability to engage nighttime targets and provides convenience and combat readiness as it can be mounted and dismounted without removing the Trijicon ACOG optic.  The Trijicon ATWS mounts forward of the Trijicon ACOG, allowing full use of the illumination capabilities and Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) reticles incorporated into most Trijicon ACOG models.  For additional versatility and utility, the Trijicon ATWS can also be used as a stand alone, hand-held thermal sight if desired.

Partnering with FLIR Systems, Inc., a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems, the product specifications for the new Trijicon ATWS make it  the ultimate, next generation sight made for those whose lives could depend on the performance of their equipment.  Using a 640×480 pixel uncooled microbolometer camera, the Trijicon ATWS matches the 7° FOV of the Trijicon ACOG, so the gunner sees the same scene with or without the Advanced Thermal Weapon Sight.  The sight is powered by four CR123 lithium batteries yielding up to five-hour power duration, and weighs a mere 1.50 lbs with batteries.  The Trijicon ATWS is also incredibly compact, measuring just  5.9” long x 3.0” high x 3.4” wide.  Finally, the Trijicon ATWS is amazingly durable, having been tested to withstand the shock of 5,000 rounds of gunfire. Plus, the Trijicon ATWS is also rated as waterproof for two-hours in up to sixty-six feet of seawater, so itʼs combat-ready in a wide range of environments.

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  • P. Winters

    Well said Pat. Funny how Trijicon has been selling to the DOD for over 20 years, and only now with what is probably a directive from Obama, Trijicon rolls on its own morals and values. Those insignificant scriptures are important to those in distant lands. Our country was built on principles of God. I guess greed is what motivated Trijicon now. Sorry I like the product they produce, but when the roll away form long term good values, and cave to political correctness bs, then its off to another brand for me.

  • pat swift

    I am heartbroken that you would even consider caving in to political correctness…shame on you,
    our men and women in uniform need it. If the unbelievers don’t like it they don’t have to buy it, of coarse that is the problem isn’t it, you want the money. again i say shame on you