TROY INDUSTRIES’ Rear Folding Tritium Battlesights

TRITIUM is a form of hydrogen that emits a continuous…

TRITIUM is a form of hydrogen that emits a continuous light source where using batteries or electricity is not possible.  Troy’s new rear folding Tritium battelsights provide operators with the ability to establish target acquisition in low or no light conditions.  The battlesights do not limit orientation due to low light conditions and proper alignment is made possible by use of the front post, which is centered between two tritium points of reference.  MSRP $185.00

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  • Pat Melbourn

    Very reasonable price. May be worth it or maybe not. This is for the most part a replacement sighting device. How verstile and effective remains to be seen. Field testing in all combat lighting situations will ultimately prove its’ worth and viability. My eyes are adversely affected when it comes to this type of green light emitter. So try one before or use GLN vision gogles for possible adaptability and test for vision impairment due to this type emitter!.