TUFF-WRITER’s Frontline Tactical Pen

  Tuff-Writer has just introduced to the market their new…


Tuff-Writer has just introduced to the market their new Frontline Tactical Pen.  The Frontline Tactical pen is made in America to the most exacting specifications. Hand-assembled from aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel, utilizing an easily obtainable, write-at-any-angle gas-pressurized cartridge that features waterproof ink, the Frontline will function reliably in the blistering cold, the intense heat, the rain, or any other harsh environment.  With one sharp and one rounded end, the Frontline can be used as a PDA stylus device, an emergency window-break tool, or even as a last-ditch defensive implement. The external knurling allows an exceptionally low-slip grip while the slightly upward tipped spring steel clip reduces the chance of snagging during deployment or holstering. The Mil-A-8625 “F” hard anodizing over a non-marking finish provides a rock hard, non-reflective surface that resists scratching and smudging. Combined with bold laser engraving, the result is an extremely smooth, almost silky look which makes the pen as visually stunning as it is durable.  Available in Grey, Black & Brown MSRP $79.95 – $89.95

For more information on this and other Tuff-Writer products, visit www.tacticalpen.com

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  • Hieu

    Tuff-WRITER’s Frontline Tactical Pen best of my

  • Too bad you didn’t wait one more day to post this storythe ME issued the ruling of “homicide” on the 27th.

  • tom ginter

    Well if your main problem is the cap and where to put it when writing and your biggest worry is what to do when you have to use the pen in a defensive manner
    ,shove it up the attackers rear end or better yet in his/her ear as this will surely help you as your bingo numbers are called out. Better yet keep it in a safe place I.E. your anal cavity with your other valubles.

  • jaapple

    I just wanted to say that I personally own 2 tuff-writer pens. They each work great as pens and will take a good deal of abuse. I prefer the shorty models since they are better able to hide in plain sight. As to the concern about where to put the cap during writing? Put it in your pocket. This pen is not the kind that I would use to write a novel with but could if needed. This pen’s greatest asset is its ability to appear as merely a writing tool while being strong enough to seriously harm someone if they first try to harm you. The pens aren’t cheap but will last damn near forever. Tuff-writer makes one of the only “pens of this type” that don’t look like a weapon or tentspike. Buy one you will not be disappointed.

  • kg76

    To Nwohsy: FYI, in the world of pens, as a general rule, you are not supposed to put the cap on the back of a pen; it throws off the balance of the writing instrument. 🙂 Furthermore, referring to tactical effectiveness, why would you take off the pen cap during a fight? Do you want to draw on the bad guy??? To put it nicely, that statement is just silly. The Tuff Writer pen looks like a good choice for what it is.


    Well made pen, BUT what do you do with the cap? It doesn’t stay on the back of the pen. So you either have to put it in your pocket, or hold it in your weak hand. By doing either you reduce the tactical effectiveness of the pen. There are much better designs out there, don’t waste your money with Tuff-Writer