Muzzle Walker's Ultimate Power Muff Quads

Muzzle That Bark: Walker’s Ultimate Power Muff Quads

The all new Ultimate Power Muff Quads from Walker's feature sound-activated compression with a 0.02-second reaction time.

For those times when you do not have the luxury of having a suppressor to soften the nasty bark of your favorite firearm, the next best bet is a good set of quality electronic hearing muffs.

One of the newest on the market is the Walker’s Ultimate Power Muff Quads electronic muff, which combines amazing sound reduction with compact dimensions. Thanks to its proprietary blend of sound-dampening composite materials, its noise reduction rating is an impressive 27 decibels. The system’s folding design has low-profile ear cups and a comfortable headband with a durable metal frame. It is offered in black, Mossy Oak or Realtree finishes, and the system is powered by two included AAA batteries.

The electronics in the Ultimate Power Muff Quads ensure the maximum in hearing protection and feature sound-activated compression with a 0.02-second reaction time. Independent volume control and adjustable frequency tuning round out the package.

Four high-gain, omni-directional microphones ensure that you hear everything you want, while the sound-dampening systems block out all you do not.

For more information on the Ultimate Power Muff Quads, visit or call 877-269-8490.

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