Uniquetek's ARIES Powder Ram™ is used to compress the gunpowder…

Uniquetek’s ARIES Powder Ram™ is used to compress the gunpowder in compressed powder loads before the bullet is seated, thus preventing bullet deformation and accuracy loss.

The primary advantage of the ARIES Powder Ram™ is that it provides a way to compress the gunpowder in the cartridge case prior to seating the bullet. This eliminates the traditional practice of using the bullet, and bullet seating die as a ram to compress the powder.  By separating these steps, the risk of deforming the bullet is eliminated.

The ARIES Powder Ram™ is a standard 7/8-14 threaded die body enclosing a unique powder compression plug. The powder compression plug enters the case mouth and compresses the powder. An adjusting screw allows the amount of powder compression to be easily set. Once the powder has been compressed, bullet seating can be done without fear of pressing on the bullet so hard that it is deformed.

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