Upgraded Remington 870 12 GA

The role of the tactical shotgun, particularly in police circles,…


The role of the tactical shotgun, particularly in police circles, is changing. As more and more agencies buy into the concept of patrol rifles, use of shotguns is being widely reconsidered. A few outfits that I’m familiar with now limit the shotgun to the tactical teams or for use as a less-lethal delivery system. That’s probably too bad. Personally, I’m pretty fond of the concept of having a shotgun and a rifle in the patrol vehicle. You wouldn’t play a round of golf with a single club, would you?

8702.jpgThe list of grievances against the shotgun is indeed long. Some of these complaints are in fact legitimate; however, many can be overcome with training and the right equipment. I often chuckle at departments that dump the shotgun for being too difficult to train with, only to buy rifles and ignore the software side of the equation once again. I doubt if they are any better off.

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  • AJ

    I took my Grandpas Mossberg 400G and pimped it out with a spec ops synthetic telescopic stock and forend. MIL-STD Picitinny RAil, LPA Ghost ring sights, Red ZDot optic and a condor tactical sling. Wish I could posta picture to show you. LOVE IT!!!

  • Robert

    Got a 870 Wingmaster and turned it into a street sweeper with a three point assault stock. Spruced it up with a TAC Star light, Heat Shield, Shell Holder and Folding Butt Stock. Man, you can do so many things with this gun. But after all of it all, when this bad boy talks every one listens. Great gun!

  • I have a Remington 870 that I absolutely dig! It is so versatile. I take it down to the shooting clays place. I deer hunt with it and I hunt birds with it. There are so many accessories, I call it the VW bug of shotguns.