VIDEO: Tactical Flashlight Techniques

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About the Author: A former United States Marine, Paul Markel’s career has been a diverse one. Mr. Markel has been a police officer, a professional bodyguard, a full-time small arms instructor and an accomplished writer.

His written work appears regularly in Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for
Law Enforcement, Special Weapons for Military & Police, Tactical Knives and various other Harris Publications gun annuals, including GLOCK & Barrett Rifles Magazines.

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  • Excellent overview of the techniques. Thanks Paul.

  • Oldemar Echandi

    Paul: Always good techniques!! Thanks… I find to use all of them. Why? Simple, you need to search in your house (Mod FBI), stand and shoot better with a neck or harries. That is why all of them are good!
    However, if the neckindex is to close to the body you will shadow your gun to the bad guy. Not good! You need to blind the bad gun, to have those 3 or 4 second to help solve the problem you encounter!! Also, watch that sometime people under stress uses the harries over the shooting hand. Also making a big shadow. Instead making it under the shooting hand!! Just couple of pointers..

    Peace out.. and keep save!!

    Oldemar from Costa Rica..

    P.D. Use the EP4 Medium for your ears. Can talk and shoot. While explaining.

  • paul

    @(MIKE)Rhino: Hopefully if you have an empty gun your attacker will no longer be in a position to harm you. However, in a bad to worse situation it is possible to hold a Surefire sized light in your support hand with reloading. The question is truly one of priorities. What’s more important, a loaded gun or keeping an eye on the perp? It’s an imperfect world, but we’ve got to deal with it.

  • (MIKE)Rhino

    What do you suggest doing if you are in a combat situation where your light is needed to see your assailant/attacker but you have to change out mags. dropping your light even for the short sec. you run a chance in looseing your visual on the bad guy… Can you please show what to do suggestions on this type situation………..thanks Rhino