Military Video Games from the Electronic Gaming Expo 2010

The 2010 E3, Electronic Gaming Expo held at the Los…

The 2010 E3, Electronic Gaming Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 15th-17th featured some of the most immersive and exciting first person shooter games to ever be released.

Fans of first person shooter games have many titles to look forward to in the coming year that will have the gamer battling as a Tier 1 operator in Afghanistan, a member of a secretive special forces unit or as a soldier using weaponry fifteen years in the future.

The expo was a buzz with 3-D gaming and interactive peripheral devices like XBox’s Kinect and Sony’s Move. War-time based first person shooter games have had a shadow cast on them by Sci-Fi based titles such as the Halo series and the Killzone franchise in the last few years but 2011 looks to make a huge blast with new titles from favorite franchises.

Medal Of Honor is taking us to present day Afghanistan instead of WWII in their new release. You become a Tier 1 operator in a super secretive team that operates above the Special-Forces Unit. These guys are the elite of the elite. Medal Of Honor is still telling a narrative of one soldier’s battle within the broad scope of war but it has added a litany of upgraded controls like weapon modifications to further enhance your soldier’s repertoire.

“It’s really important for us in the Medal Of Honor franchise to be very authentic. We’ve worked directly with the Tier 1 operators to better understand the work that they do and how they go about doing what they do,” said Jim Varis, Senior Product Manager for Medal Of Honor.

The game allows the player to choose specific gear to fit the scenario they are entering into. Modifications can be made to weapons like the MP-7, a favorite among the Tier 1 operators. The player can customize their weapons with scopes, laser sights and grenade launchers.

“Instead of trying to do some crazy science fiction things we are staying true to our roots. We want to share with gamers unique individuals who are out there doing incredible work,” Varis said from the busy show floor.

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