VIRIDIAN Green Laser for Glock

The long awaited Viridian green laser is NOW AVAILABLE for…


The long awaited Viridian green laser is NOW AVAILABLE for your GLOCK! The Viridian GLK incorporates the same powerful 5mW green laser with SMARTLASER Technology in an even smaller package!

viridian2.gifThis product is designed specifically for GLOCKS and incorporates a quick detach system. Fits all GLOCKS with rails (except for SF models with picatinny rails).

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  • Can’t believe it.

  • Have Glock 22, laser seemed locked on rails with no effort. Very bright.. Seems easy to adjust.

    Problem is that it seems to change point of aim after every shot, Any suggestions? What could I have done wrong?

  • Ron

    Hi , I have a Glock 26 and would like to purchae the Viridian. but the Glock 26 doesnt have any rails to mount it under the barrel.

    however a friend of mine said they make an adapter for the Glock 26, and then you can take it off,and put it on quickly